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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Start a Team Build Using BuildProgressForm

I found out another way for starting a build using the BuildProgressForm. The BuildProgressForm is the same one used by Visual Studio Team Build intergration for starting a build.

This method is very useful for my tool TFSBuildManger.
Here's an example of how to do so:

BuildParameters buildParameters = new BuildParameters();
buildParameters.TeamFoundationServer = teamFoundationServer; buildParameters.TeamProject = teamProject;
buildParameters.BuildType = buildType;
buildParameters.BuildMachine = buildmachine;
buildParameters.BuildDirectory = buildDirectory;
BuildProgressForm frmBuildProgress = new BuildProgressForm(buildParameters, teamFoundationServer);

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

TFSBuildManager UI Change (Tabbed View)

It been a while since my last post. Anyway, I have published a new release of TFSBuildManager under CodePlex. The main and only change for this release is that the UI now supports control of multiple build types simultaneously by using tabs. Hope you would like this change. You can download the new version here. I would appreciate your comments on this change and about the application.