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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Shelveset as a Backup

Long time since I posted. Been busy (implementing TFS), long vacation and a new work place.
In the last implementation I did I have noticed that in some cases users work in a network drive that is always backed up by IT. This is a good solution for backing up your workspace without checking in your pending changes (like we used to do when we worked with SourceSafe...) or performing a shelve for backup purpose. I thought it would be nice to share the idea of automatic backup shelves with those of you that work locally without any automatic backup. When you shelve your pending changes the shelve is saved in PendingChange table. The pending changes will be removed from the table when you delete or replace the shelveset. So to perform an automatic backup of your workspace that does not overload your TFS database you can add a schedule task that will run the following command:
tf shelve {workspace name} /replace /noprompt
Remeber to set the current folder to the workspace local path before executing the command.