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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How to Get Build Result Details using TFS API - Part 3

The previous post in this series was about the build steps section of the build report. In this post we will see how to retrieve the associated changesets section details.

Using the BuildStore object we have created in this post we can get a list of ChangeSetData objects that contain the needed information (an example on how to get the buildUri parameter value available in this post also):

ChangeSetData[] changesets = buildStore.GetChangeSetsForBuild(buildUri);

foreach (ChangeSetData changeset in buildReport.Changesets)








Anonymous said...


Have you considered moving your blog to
I really think it is a better blogging platform.

Guy Burstein

Jon Oliver said...


Have been using your TFSBuildManager (really good by the way!) We have implemented some build tasks using BuildStore, BuildData etc. We have now updated to TFSBuild 2008 and unsuprisingly they have stopped working. I thought it would be as simple as recompiling against the version 9.0 Microsoft.TeamFoundation.* assemblies, but that yielded lost of warnings about deprecated classes - two of which were BuildStore and BuildData. Do you known what these have been superceded by and Do you plan to update TFSBuildManager to work with 2008 build server. I know it does still work, but I mean using the API that MS obviously want people using!

digital certificate said...

Informative post ! I am using TFSBBuildManager . It is working fine. I am bit confused in changedsetdata. Can you please help me in knowing the exact meaning of it through any example. I will be very thankful to you.