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Monday, January 15, 2007

5 Things That Will Make You Move To Vista

I've started using Windows Vista on my desktop. I like it, it's working smooth and it looks good.
I don't think that moving to Vista is essential but I've decided to work with it and find out what will make me consider moving all of my machines to Vista.
So here are the first 5 features that made me smile:
  1. Start --> Run is dead. Start --> Start Search is the answer to those who won't leave their keyboards. Press the Windows button and start typing for searching programs and files. I did not open the programs group since I've installed Vista. It became useless.
  2. F2. This one made me smile the most. When you press F2 to rename a file the selected text is only the file name without the extension (for those of you that show file extensions). I wonder how long it took to develop this feature?
  3. Search is now part of the Explorer address bar. Just start typing and it show you the results in the same window. Performance is affected by indexing status.
  4. Burn button (Windows Explorer toolbar): Although I like using dedicated programs for CD/DVD burning I found the Burn button very useful. Select files and folders and press the Burn button to burn them.
  5. Restore previous versions (Folder, file context menu): If you will enable in system security Shadow Copies or System Restore you can get previous version of a file, folder. Good backup solution.

To be continued.

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