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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

TFSBuildManager New Version

I have released a new version of TFSBuildManager. You can download it here. I made some changes to the edit build type form and added some advanced properties that are inherited from the imported Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.targets file. There are some other cool features like "Execute Without Get" which actually resumes a build from the compilation point disabling the process of creating a workspace. This feature is very handy when you setup a new build machine and the build fails because of errors regarding the machine configuration and not because of source files. For the full feature list see the release change log.


Rotem Bloom said...

thanks for the new version. someone from clarizen ha ha ha :-)

Anonymous said...

This code is great, but when I have less than 6 rows in the listView, and when I try to export the information there is an error ... InvalidArgument=Value of '1' is not valid for 'index'
Parameter name: index.