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Monday, January 22, 2007

New Terminals Version (Support for RDP 6.0)

We have published a new Terminals version (1.0 Prodcution). You can download it at here.

Here are the available changes for this release:

1. Support for RDP 6:

  • 32bit color support.
  • Supports screen resolutions of up to 4096x2048.
  • Supports disabling clipboard redirection.
  • Enable smart card redirection.
  • Enable plug&play devices redirection.

2. Save position and size.

3. Nicer about box...

4. Execute before connect (per connection and for all connections).

5. Some additional bugs were fixed.



Anonymous said...

First of all.. you have a terrific product! I love the Groups and Favorites feature.
With that said, Terminals does not seem to support non-standard RDP ports.
I typically open up MSTSC and type the servername:4321 since I configure RDP to use that specific port.
Could you look into fixing this in the next release?

Dudu Shmaya said...

Thanks. You can set the RDP port in the connection advanced settings. Do you think that you still need this feature?

Anonymous said...

Oh! Thanks for that info.
Personally, Yes.. I would like to be able to input the :4321 in either the "Computer" or "Connection name" field.
ALL of my servers (over 100) use non-default RDP ports. Instead of switching to the the "advanced" tab, I would like to type the port on the General page, at the end of the server name.
IE: MyServer:4321

Anonymous said...

I like your program, but I was wondering about Groups. Instead of opening a connection to every server in the group, I would like to be able to organize connections by group. You see, I manage over 250 servers, belonging to different companies, and I'd like to group my connections by company, and then be able to connect as needed from the group. I'm not sure I'd ever really need to open a bunch of connections at once.

Dudu Shmaya said...

Next version should contain Tags feature that I hope will answer your needs.